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$295 (up to 90mins)

This can be a one-time meeting or mark the beginning of a larger, more involved project.

  • We can use this time to develop an overall vision for refreshing your space(s). Recommendations may include a new floor plan or new furnishings, accessories or color schemes, as needed.

  • Alternatively, this meeting can address a particular quandary, such as gallery wall design or mantle or shelf styling.

  • If applicable, I can shop your home and restyle existing furnishings and décor.

  • How you want to use this time is completely up to you. Once I help get the ball rolling, many clients feel comfortable executing my additional recommendations on their own.

  •  If, after this initial consultation, you want a more detailed and cohesive plan with specific recommendations to complete the space, check out my full room design plan package.


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